Streamlining Paid Ad setup With Technology

As a leading digital marketing agency service provider, Girard Media is always adapting to changes and taking advantage of new technologies. Being a Google Ads partner since 2009 has been quite an amazing change over time. The mindset, technology, and methodology has changed drastically over the years. We have since streamlined many of our Paid Advertising options with the latest strategies and technology to support.

Streamlining Processes

To successfully launch paid advertising services requires many moving part to get it moving. By focusing on streamlining processes and cutting down the time to market, we have been able to considerable enhance our paid advertising efforts and results. Timely approvals for new clients are an integral component to getting new campaigns launched on time and on budget. PPC Ad Editor is an example of a tool that can help you cut down your time to market by generating real looking mockups ahead of implementing the actual ad. This process is extremely beneficial when getting clients or decision makers to approve the ad.

Paid Advertising Setup Workflow

Before our latest streamlining, Girard Media was able to tun around marketing campaign approval within 72 hours which is now down to 48 hours. This time saver is tremendously important to provide proper marketing support to clients and prospective clients. Traditional systems were not able to deliver the same support effectively and in the same time. Traditional design methods never look the same as the real ads, take more time to create and have little web based workflow.

Paid Campaign Consistency

The idea of keeping your paid advertising approval process in word docs, spreadsheets, or even in advertising accounts are not efficient any more. This can be due to many factors such as account access, security, and ease of use. We know what works and what can be a potential holdup in the process. Our methodology is to put an immense planning process in place so that it helps to deliver.

“We saw using PPC Ad Editor as a huge time saver and creative tool for our media buyers. The Girard Media team is happy to have amazing tools to support the business like amazing tools to fill the gaps and help streamline the business.” -Sevak Girard (Founder/CEO)

Paid Advertising Enhancements

Girard Media is always looking for ways to enhance our client results and provide the highest level of service. Technology is the first place we look for our team to provide the consistency across the board that is needed. From the analytics and reporting, you can ensure from start to finish you can everything buttoned up to take on new accounts with ease.

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