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Marketing Services

Palm Beach, FL

Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services are primarily focused on driving targeted campaigns that turn into tangible results. As we offer a full-service marketing solution, you can be rest assured you are in good hands. Our digital marketing services provide instant access to years of proprietary innovative campaigns. Our methodology is backed by a combination of industry-leading research and innovative discoveries that are designed to breed success. We have experience with marketing in virtually every industry, medium, and budget. This knowledge and experience gives our clients the best digital marketing services to eliminate any talk of the competition.

Some Of Our Latest Work

Social Media Marketing

We promote your business through key social media marketing channels to deliver results.

Marketing Services

We make social media marketing easy for any business to gain a positive result. Our marketing strategies focus heavily on social media marketing to boost your online presence and aid in other services such as SEO. We understand what you need to be consistent on social media and drive the marketing message to the right places that gain traction. We streamline all of your social media marketing to drive engagement while you run your business.

Social Media Management

We manage your presence and engagement through social media management.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is more important than ever as people are spending spend more and more time on the popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our goal is to help you get the best exposure for your brand online. We provide a fully managed experience to enhance both the engagement and results. We know what works on social media and can help you implement these effective strategies. It is important to maximize the power of social media as more people are using it to make buying decisions.

Reputation Marketing

We keep your reputation in check by implementing reputation marketing.

Reputation Management

We set the groundwork for your online reputation to become strong in your market. We accomplish this by maintaining a favorable online presence by creating online profiles, claiming existing profiles, removing duplicate listings, keeping information accurate and more. Our goal is to keep your online presence in shape as buying decisions are being made every minute of the day after researching online reputation. We maintain popular review sites, directories, social media and business listings to keep you brand reputable online so your first impression is never a bad one.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

We optimize your website for both on page and off page search engine optimization SEO.

Girard Media Trend

Organic search engine optimization, or better knowns as SEO, is an amazing way to get highly targeted visitors to your website. There is a high demand and competition in most every industry as you can acquire traffic from search engines without paying for each click. We optimize your website both on-page and off-page to ensure that you have what the search engines are looking for. We understand what drives high visibility top search results on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Local SEO

We simplify marketing your business ranked on local maps, apps, directories, and search engine.

Girard Media eCommerce

We create local SEO search engine optimization campaigns that deliver local people that are interested in your products or services. We understand what your audience is looking for and we put you in front of them with a targeted search ad which allows for amazing results. Businesses understand the need to have a reliable source of new leads and search engine marketing can help fuel those efforts. As a trusted Google Partner since 2008, many have trusted us with large budgets, traffic requirements, and tight conversion requirements.

Content Marketing

We generate and syndicate critical content all over the internet with content marketing.

Girard Media Laptop

Our content marketing services are an extremely important part of a blended marketing strategy. We focus on delivering high quality content to your audience which allows them to interact with your brand online. Our main objective is to provide high value evergreen content to your audience. We help you execute on a regular content marketing plan that can be used for multiple purposes and benefits. We complete a thorough analysis of your business to determine the best content marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

We promote your business through email marketing to deliver actionable results.

Girard Media Contact

Our goal with email marketing is to build your audience and then maximize your efforts communicating with them. Our advanced strategies improve your company value while interacting with current and prospective clients or customers. We help you integrate a complete email marketing solution to engage your audience quickly, effectively and professionally. We help you utilize your existing database and grow your audience at the same time. It’s time to harness the power of email marketing.

Video Marketing

We capture the attention of your audience through the power of video marketing.

Girard Media Video Marketing

Our Video Marketing services are the popular choice to get your online commercial to your audience quickly and effectively. The goal is to provide high engagement while delivering your message on demand to your targeted audience online like a commercial. Video Marketing an ideal source of advertising for virtually any business. We offer next generation video advertising services to get your video online! We help you reach prospects and clients while you get the best online coverage for your next video sensation.

Marketing Automation

We simplify your business and save time through the power of marketing automation.

Girard Media Image Services

We create next generation custom marketing automation systems that work with us to manage your marketing department as an extension of your business. This service is designed for the business that is looking to harness the power of technology. We give you an out of the box functionality to layer on your business and allow you to quickly start implementing marketing automation in your business operation.

What Makes Us The Best Marketing Company To Work With?


Leading Strategies

Girard Media has the leading strategies you need to bring all of your components together. We  bring together the best Design, Web, Marketing and Advertising services that helps fuel our marketing strategy. Girard Media can help you take control of your marketing with our omni-channel blended marketing strategies.


Winning Creative

Girard Media has been responsible for 1,000’s of winning campaigns over the years. We recognize the importance of having winning creative to aid in your marketing efforts. We create the proper marketing materials that are needed to keep your audience engaged and buying more of your products and services.


Results Based

Girard Media has the results of the marketing campaign in mind when creating all of our strategies, creative, and campaigns. We track the results and report the numbers which help to make critical business decisions. The purpose of marketing is to fuel sales and no one does it better than Girard Media.

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Marketing Services

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Marketing Services

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