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Palm Beach, FL

Web Services Company

Our complete web services cover anything related to the web including webmaster, web development, webmaster, application development, and more. We keep you up to date with the best development practices and technology. We always use high quality reusable programming code that is always well documented. We use best development practices to craft semantic code. As a result, we have been helping businesses since 2008 to build amazing websites and applications globally. We help you from idea to completion with anything web design and development related.

Some Of Our Latest Work

Website Design

We code slick website designs with amazing interfaces that enhance the user experience.

Girard Media Idea

A high-quality website design is often overlooked. Everything you do in business, usually leads back to your website. As a result, we offer a professional website design service as our designer work with our coders to make amazing front end website designs that make in impact. We implement industry leading designs into amazing design code. We always keep best practices and quality standards in mind to deliver the best user experience.

Web Development

We use sleek web development programming to make online dreams a reality.

Girard Media Apple Macbook

Our web development services remain a staple in the industry with our leading standards, methods, and technology. We securely integrate many different systems together to create any customized website or web application you can imagine. Many of our cutting edge web development strategies and implementations are proprietary in nature which ensures our clients can perform business at the highest level. We help you accomplish your web goals efficiently and effectively.

Application Development

We work with every popular application development technology and configuration.

Girard Media Programming

Application Development has become a need for many businesses to operate in the modern tech landscape. We specialize in developing dynamic, interactive, easy to use custom application to include your latest big idea. We also manage existing applications or redesign them completely. We have many custom features and special integrations that deliver the most performing applications available. We always think of scalability, flexibility, and automation.

Mobile Development

We develop mobile applications that help you build your presence in the palm of hands.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development are growing steadily as we have seen more and more installations over the years for popular businesses and SAAS companies. More smartphones are replacing computers for certain tasks and we aim to integrate your business experience into the palm of their hands. We use mobile apps to connect people with technology no matter what their location. Our methods include using the best development methods and frameworks to ensure we are future proofed.

Cloud Development

We provide cloud development services that make you available in the cloud.

Creative Design

Our Cloud Development services are designed to give you the technology infrastructure to design, develop, and scale based on demand. We deliver some of the most innovative cloud development solutions that include performance, reliability, and modern infrastructure. We help you to develop new software applications in the cloud or migrate from your legacy systems that have been holding you back from maximum speed and reliability over time.

Blockchain Development

We build applications using blockchain development which is the future technology.

Girard Media 3d

Our blockchain development services are designed to help your business take advantage of the blockchain for many different use cases. We have strong blockchain expertise which allows us to quickly assess the viability of the project. We work with many use cases such as smart contracts audit, and optimization of smart contracts, decentralized applications, custom blockchain development, secure transactions, digital asset sales, digital asset control, and more.

Artificial Intelligence AI

We use Artificial Intelligence AI to maximize our applications and agency results.

Girard Media Artificial Intelligence AI

We improve your algorithms through the power of Artificial Intelligence. We create smart software solutions that are designed to both observe and analyze. By looking at patterns and inconsistencies, our Artificial Intelligence AI technology can help to perform any number of tasks once carried out by a human. The ability to both predict and decide unlocks the full range of capabilities with Artificial Intelligence in combination with machine learning. Our team of experts utilizes the AI in conjunction with ML service to harvest superior software, technology, and statistics for your application.

Machine Learning ML

We teach machines to learn over time through the power of Machine Learning ML.

Girard Media Image Services

Our machine learning ML services offer you the absolute most advanced algorithms available. We solve key business problems by enabling our decision making technology that is data driven. We create the business models and train the machine to learn through analyzing the data points in our algorithms. We power the worlds future ready machine learning  applications through deep learning, AI models, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, image analytics, video analytics, computational intelligence, mathematical optimization, and more.

Web Hosting

We provide secure web hosting solutions on our dedicated servers and cloud operations.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting services offer both dedicated hosting services and cloud hosting options. We offer mission critical enterprise grade hosting with a robust cloud infrastructure that can easily grow. We bridge the gap between the hard technology learning curve and actually providing your business with the proper solution that fits your needs. We offer a seamless migration experience from start to finish. Our services are based on Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and other service providers that are designed to be the best.

API Integrations

We connecting Girard Media’s technology to 3rd Party Systems through API Integrations.

Mobile Development

Our customized technology infrastructure works with 3rd Party API connections that we support. We provide an easy way for you to have our robust infrastructure with our technology stack. We use our technology and experience to integrate into popular services you may already be using. Girard Media uses API integrations to assist in automating your businesses efforts to enhance your productivity. Our goal is to streamline your business initiatives across all channels of your company while making full use of your technology.


We provide professional webmaster services so you don’t have to worry about it.


We offer webmaster services that are designed to help you leave the technical side of managing a website to someone else. We plan out what you need and can easily implement into your current workflow. We can also help to prevent attacks and add security to your operation. In the event your website does get hacked, we provide a backup restoration service as well as virus removal. We know what it takes to keep things in order with your website and many trust Girard Media to be their webmaster through experience and reputation.

What Makes Us The Best Web Company To Work With?


Leading Technology

Girard Media is a leading creative design agency based in Palm Beach, FL. We provide all types of designs from logos, branding, graphics, web, video, audio, print, and more. We  design for our Design, Web, Marketing and Advertising services that drives more awareness, leads, and sales.


Leading Infrastructure

Girard Media has been responsible for 1,000’s of winning concepts over the years. We have the experience you need to properly execute on your project. Our goal is to help you create winning creative concepts that accomplish the goal. We know how to elevate your design and take your project to the next level.


Professional Results

Girard Media has the experience you need to tell how an audience will react to a design. We drive emotion, passion, and vision through our creative art. By incorporating best practices with innovative designs, we are able to capture amazing results. Girard Media is a leader in creative design delivering professional results since 2008.

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Web Services

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We provide a full range of agency style services to make it easy for you to get started.


We design with keeping quality in mind while delivering industry-leading mind blowing concepts and effects.


We develop websites, applications, any software you can imagine while keeping best practices and scalability in mind.


We create unique marketing strategies and captivating campaigns that help you drive real results with our efforts.


We help get you in front of your target audience with advertising campaigns that generate more leads and sales.

Web Services

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