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Advertising Services

Palm Beach, FL

Business Advertising Services

Our Full-Service Advertising Services offers a robust agency style solution that helps your company drive more targeted traffic and sales. We offer advertising opportunities on popular Search Engines, Websites and Social Media platforms which help you harness the power of our partnerships. We target search intent ads, demographic ads, behavioral ads, in-market ads, and many more to ensure maximum coverage. The benefit our advertising agency, is that we bring real working knowledge from a large number of industries with wealth of knowledge and experience when creating revenue generating ad campaigns with ROI in mind.

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Search Advertising

We provide amazing search advertising options that make it easy to see results.

Digital Marketing Agency

Search advertising on networks like Google Ads have become one of the most important strategies to get in front of the right person at the right time. We can help you to do just that by launching laser targeted campaigns. Our platform is designed to maximize your visibility and return on investment with our team of certified professionals ready to help manage your campaigns. Our knowledge and expertise can help your paid search campaigns thrive.

Display Advertising

We get in front of your audience on key websites through display advertising.

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Display Advertising is an optimal method when looking to get your message out to a large scale of targeted people at an affordable cost. These ads include banner ads on targeted niche related sites and display networks alike. We understand the benefits of display advertising and can implement a solid strategy for delivering your message through and online billboard. We help your ad to remain effective with a high quality design that enhances engagement.

Social Media Advertising

We provide a fully optimized social media advertising campaigns that drive results.

Girard Media Social Media Consultant

Advertising on Facebook has the potential to put you in front of over a billion monthly active users. This makes Facebook the largest social media platform in the world by far which leaves a tremendous opportunity for social media advertising. To succeed with advertising on Social Media we explore all of the top networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. We help drive effective campaigns and maximize your advertising budget for growth.

Video Advertising

We drive high engagement and increased conversions through video advertising.

Girard Media Video Marketing

Video provides the highest engagement our of any digital media platform. We leverage the effectiveness of video ads to boost your visibility online while delivering an effective message to your audience. We can help you from start to finish from strategy, video production, and launching effective video ads online. The possibilities are endless as we can maximize video ads for virtually any business type with extremely high engagement.

Local Advertising

We generate more leads, sales, and foot traffic through local advertising.

Girard Media Local Advertising

We harness the power of local advertising using proprietary methods and in depth tools to make sure we are getting in front of the right people at the right time. No matter if you are a local or national business, it never hurts to advertise in your local area. We build a solid strategy around your target area or radius and then create a plan to get in front of those people both online and offline. We create, launch, and manage everything for you as we have effective systems in place to help you maximize the results.

Retargeting Ads

We drive interested visitors back to your website through Retargeting Ads.

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Retargeting provides the ability to serve up customized advertisement to your custom audience on popular ad networks. We leverage the power of technology to drive engagement and conversions by using this strategy. Many eCommerce companies and businesses looking to enhance their marketing spend will often show a clear return on investment by implementing a retargeting plan. We help you to maximize each visitor to ultimately drive the sale.

Traditional Advertising

We provide traditional advertising to provide a full circle of media services.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising is a medium that has been around since the beginning of it all. We will continue to a trusted resource for Radio, TV, Billboards, Print, In-Store, Digital Distribution, and more. We understand when to use traditional advertising in to compliment your strategy in order to maximize the results. We make it easy for you to get in front of the right people at the right time. We have robust service offerings with reporting, analytics and cross channel attribution that is industry leading.

Mobile Advertising

We put your business in front of users on their phone through mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising

Our graphic design services give you a fresh look that helps to stand apart from the herd. We are experienced with developing high quality graphics for virtually every medium. As a result, we are able to bring your vision to life with a great look and strong brand messaging. Our ability to delivery high quality graphics with an Agency workflow, allows you to have more confidence with mission critical designs.

What Makes Us The Best Advertising Company To Work With?


Our Partnerships

Girard Media has key advertising partnerships including Google Ads since 2008. If you are looking for excellent advertising support with a fully managed service, our service packs a big punch. We have the right certifications and partnerships in place with the major players so you don’t have to worry about the advertising and leave that to us.


Winning Campaigns

Girard Media has been responsible for 1,000’s of winning campaigns over the years that have spent many millions of dollars and made many millions more. We understand how to manage your campaigns and budget to make it a winning scenario. We generate a reliable steady flow of traffic that concerts into leads and sales.


Optimal Results

Girard Media focuses on the end result of the campaigns and make the proper adjustments accordingly. Over time, the campaigns become more refined and the results get seasoned as critical updates are made. We figure out what is working and what is not working so we can focus on what drives more ROI.

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Advertising Services

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We provide a full range of agency style services to make it easy for you to get started.


We design with keeping quality in mind while delivering industry-leading mind blowing concepts and effects.


We develop websites, applications, any software you can imagine while keeping best practices and scalability in mind.


We create unique marketing strategies and captivating campaigns that help you drive real results with our efforts.


We help get you in front of your target audience with advertising campaigns that generate more leads and sales.

Advertising Services

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