Solutions for outsourcing your marketing

In the modern business sphere, outsourced marketing solutions are essential to ensure that your products, services, and company remain relevant and in the public eye. However, marketing can often take up a significant amount of time and resources that can be better spent elsewhere. That’s why many businesses have begun to outsource their marketing efforts. …

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Advertising Terminologies 101

Advertising is a measure of consumer response to a given promotion. Analyzing advertising effectiveness is essential to deciding on the success or failure of a given advertising initiative. The following are some of the advertising terminologies that help analyze the effectiveness of an advertising initiative. What is Cost-Per-Click (CPC)? CPC, or cost-per-click, is a pricing …

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What is a Landing Page and Why It’s Important during a PPC Campaign

Pay-Per-Click Marketing through Google AdWords is one of the most cost-effective methods of online marketing. Used wisely, it can be a very effective marketing tool. Advertisements can be posted on different channels such as TV, newspaper, and radio. However, there are channels that are more effective than others. One such channel is using Google AdWords, …

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