Companies often have a misconception about what digital marketing actually is and how they can effectively use it to their advantage. After many years of refining the digital marketing process, Girard Media understands the ins and outs of everything related to the subject. In this section, we cover the often discussed topic in many organizations which is, “What About Digital Marketing?“.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing covers any and all marketing efforts that include the use of electronic devices and the internet. Businesses utilize these channels of digital media such as search engines, social media platforms, electronic mail (email), websites, or any other digital platform. These mediums are used to connect businesses with people who are interested in their products or services.

What A Digital Marketer Does

On a high level, digital advertising falls under digital marketing as a subset of the category. A true marketer knows all about the different mediums. In turn, they should also know how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. For example, the Girard Media our digital experts have a wealth of knowledge in virtually every area of digital marketing. This becomes important when you are knowing where to allocate your budget. It can also be of benefit when you are trying to figure out what campaigns are providing the best return on investment.

The main goal of a digital marketer is to effectively create and implement solid strategies. As a result, the goal is to provide a real return on investment from the marketing spend. By working with a multimedia and creative design team, companies are able to leverage high quality graphic design elements to enhance the message and results. To leave this critical component out, you wouldn’t be doing your marketing spend justice!