Girard Media offers top notch photography services that can compliment any occasion. We are true masters at the profession with solid team members. Girard Media uses industry standard equipment and ready to take action at a moments notice. Our goal is to capture that extra element to your vision, brand, memory or time capsule. Have confidence in your photography and let Girard Media capture your history with our photography services.  

Photography Services

  • Event Photography
  • Celebrity Photography
  • On-Site Photo Shoots
  • Product Photography
  • Creative Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Wedding Photography

Photo Editing

  • Color Correction
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Air-Brushing
  • Body Enhancements
  • Studio Effects

Photo Printing

  • Professional Photo Prints

Photography Disclaimer:

We can provide photography services locally based out of Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA. We also can provide photography services to other cities based on request. Our staff is on-call and ready to provide you with the top level photography service with industry standards.

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