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Logo Design

Palm Beach, FL

Logo Design Services

Our logo design services offer a complete branding service designed to give you an instant brand you can be proud of. We understand what is needed to stay fresh and up to date with new brands or refreshing an old logo that has some dust on it. We present logo design concepts that we are confident will compliment your brand and vision. By creating the perfect logo, you will eliminate a lot of wasted time, money and effort trying to rebrand later on. Put your trust in the Logo Design Professionals at Girard Media who have the experience you need.

Some Of Our Latest Work

Custom Logo Design

We give your brand a custom look that will take your business into the future.

Creative Design

A logo is the most important item that your company needs to grow a strong brand and distinct identity. With our custom logo design services, we look into all aspects of your business, vision and mission to uncover the elements we will use in the design. As the logo will be used in many places, we will look at each custom logo design with you and consult about the options and decisions moving forward. Our logos are often used in any medium imaginable such as your website, packaging, labels, social media, print materials, corporate collateral and more. Our goal is to make sure you have a 100% unique vector art design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Business Logo Design

We make amazing logo design for your business needs.

Graphic Design

Business Logo Design is an art that is mastered over time. We find there to be a certain level of wisdom when creating a logo design concept that is both high quality and functional for your use case. We make sure to create the necessary elements so the logo can express your brand identity to your audience. As a result, we know how to be different so that you remain original throughout the process. We design all styles of business logos and let the creativity speak for itself.

Illustrative Logo Design

We use illustration to create captivating logo design options to build your brand.

Girard Media Business Solutions

We have designed numerous illustrative logo designs for US companies. When it comes to creating a character of your brand or creating a logo that paves the way for brand storytelling, Illustrative logos are your way to represent your business the desired way. They could be fun, aggressive or just a simple mascot but are a powerful way to depict your service or product in a humanly way. Keeping the modern way of marketing in mind, Illustrative logos prove to be the best in terms of ensuring a recallable brand identity.

Types Of Logo Designs

Here are some of the different types of logos that we handle at Girard Media

  • Logo design agency
  • Elegant logo design
  • Business logo design
  • Restaurant logo design
  • Sports logo design
  • Vector logo design
  • Web design logo
  • Icon logo design
  • Luxury logo design
  • Elegant logo design
  • Business logo design
  • Restaurant logo design
  • Sports logo design
  • Vector logo design
  • Web design logo
  • New logo design

What Makes Us The Best Design Company To Work With?


Leading Designs

Girard Media is a leading creative design agency based in Palm Beach, FL. We provide all types of designs from logos, branding, graphics, web, video, audio, print, and more. We  design for our Design, Web, Marketing and Advertising services that drives more awareness, leads, and sales.


Winning Concepts

Girard Media has been responsible for 1,000’s of winning concepts over the years. We have the experience you need to properly execute on your project. Our goal is to help you create winning creative concepts that accomplish the goal. We know how to elevate your design and take your project to the next level.


Professional Results

Girard Media has the experience you need to tell how an audience will react to a design. We drive emotion, passion, and vision through our creative art. By incorporating best practices with innovative designs, we are able to capture amazing results. Girard Media is a leader in creative design delivering professional results since 2008.

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We provide a full range of agency style services to make it easy for you to get started.


We design with keeping quality in mind while delivering industry-leading mind blowing concepts and effects.


We develop websites, applications, any software you can imagine while keeping best practices and scalability in mind.


We create unique marketing strategies and captivating campaigns that help you drive real results with our efforts.


We help get you in front of your target audience with advertising campaigns that generate more leads and sales.

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