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Girard Media is a complete Creative Agency, Marketing Agency & Advertising Agency bundled into one located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since our establishment in 2008, many companies still decide to call us their go to partner.

We specialize in helping our clients navigate in the digital age while driving impactful results. Due to this, we have refined our services into one convenient place for your business to partner with. Our services are focused on developing powerful strategies that drive real results!

We provide Multimedia Design, Digital Marketing, and Business Solutions because integrating them allows for maximum performance and reliability. Our clients are actually strategic partners as we act as an extension of your business.

Our Service Offering

Girard Media is a Design, Marketing and Advertising Agency offering many mission critical services to small, medium, and enterprise level clients under one roof. Our true one stop model applies through a full range of dynamic services including Multimedia Design, Digital Marketing, and Business Solutions. As a result, working with Girard Media breeds maximum performance and reliability through our strategic alliance. We act as an extension of your business which allows for optimal results.


See How We Can Help Your Business Succeed.

Girard Media is up to date with the latest trends, strategies and best practices so that your business doesn’t have to worry about these things. The best part about it is, we have an established history in creating high visibility marketing initiatives that turn into actual ROI!


Simple Services

Virtually every business entity in today’s world needs media professionals on their side that can provide the best information, services and finished product. Girard Media specializes in doing just that by taking a collaborative approach to your vision. We offer a complete media product set acting as a true one-stop media shop.