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Design Services

Palm Beach, FL

Creative Design Services

Our creative design services offer a complete service designed to keep your image up to date. We always keep your business creative in front of the latest trends and technology. We always preserve a high quality finished product while working within the project budget and timeline. Our goal is to deliver a solid message to your audience by utilizing the right design and medium. As a result, we keep companies looking and feeling fresh online by consistently refining the brand over time. Our design services are agency style tailored to meet your vision and expectations. By understanding the importance keeping a high quality image, our design experts work with you to help your business thrive with a solid message that looks and feels amazing.

Some Of Our Latest Work

Creative Design

We provide a wealth of creative design options to help enhance your brand.

Creative Design

There is a lot of factors that go into creative design. We understand how to fully manage your creative design department from start to finish. We take into account all of the important factors such as branding options, logo options, color options, font options and more. We help to simplify the process that goes way beyond the look and the logo. We take the creative design and run with out of the box concepts, innovative creatives, and a brand management service you can count on. We help to identify your essential elements to maintain a professional image throughout all of the creative art.

Graphic Design

We create your vision through imaging with industry leading graphic design.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services give you a fresh look that helps to stand apart from the herd. We are experienced with developing high quality graphics for virtually every medium. As a result, we are able to bring your vision to life with a great look and strong brand messaging. Our ability to delivery high quality graphics with an Agency workflow, allows you to have more confidence with mission critical designs.

Logo Design

We provide a wealth of creative logo design options to build your brand.

Girard Media Business Solutions

Creative logo design is an important step in the creative process that is often overlooked with importance. We ensure that your brand resonates with just the right blend of design, style, fonts, colors and more. Our approach to making a logo often includes an in depth analysis of your business and what you are looking to portray to your audience. We design new logos, redesign old logos, and also vectorize old logos to make them fully restored like new. 

Photos and Editing

We capture the essence of your business with photos and editing to make them look amazing.

Photos and Editing

Girard Media offers a professional photography and editing service with experience in many different industries. Our goal is to help your business capture that extra element needed to set yourself apart. We can integrate into your current photography workflow or create a new one. We also offer a full range of photo shoot options depending on the location, strategy, and requirements. Our service helps you easily manage your photo workflow and provide amazing backend support for your photography needs including professional photo editing.

Audio Production

We incorporate big studio audio production services with award winning producers.

Audio Production

Our experienced audio production team is extremely versatile to work on any project type. We can produce audio for any genre or medium out there. We have experience working with both live sound events and studio environment. We know how to properly integrate the two for maximum finished results. Our goal is to seamlessly capture your vision with our extensive sound library, professional sound hardware and engineering expertise. You are definitely in good hands as we have award winning and professional musicians on our roster.

Video Production

Video producers that help you capture the right footage and vision.

Girard Media Video Production

Our video production services are designed to help you get your message out to the world. As video is the preferred medium of content on the internet, it is becoming more important to have a professionally made video to enhance your brand. Partner with the right video production company to implement your marketing strategy seamlessly into your audience devices. We help you put together the right message, design, and delivery to maximize your production value.

3D Rendering

We provide a 3D Rendering service used for various project needs.

3D Rendering

Girard Media offers creative 3D Renderings for many different use cases and projects. We often work with business startups, real estate brokers, Real Estate developers, interior designers, architects, management companies and marketing agencies to provide a high-quality 3D rendering service. Our state of the art software and amazing 3D team of creative designers we can bring your visions to life.

Business Videos

We create business videos that deliver the right message and call to action.

Girard Media Business Videos

Our business videos are designed to deliver a specific message to your audience. We understand how to develop the message and then turn it into a visual format like video. The production value from adding “The Right” footage to your project makes it a must to set your video apart from the competition. Our goal is to combine high quality footage, amazing photography, stock imaging, drone videos and more. We work with the clips and animations to deliver an engaging business video for promotions, marketing, or advertising use.

What Makes Us The Best Design Company To Work With?


Leading Designs

Girard Media is a leading creative design agency based in Palm Beach, FL. We provide all types of designs from logos, branding, graphics, web, video, audio, print, and more. We  design for our Design, Web, Marketing and Advertising services that drives more awareness, leads, and sales.


Winning Concepts

Girard Media has been responsible for 1,000’s of winning concepts over the years. We have the experience you need to properly execute on your project. Our goal is to help you create winning creative concepts that accomplish the goal. We know how to elevate your design and take your project to the next level.


Professional Results

Girard Media has the experience you need to tell how an audience will react to a design. We drive emotion, passion, and vision through our creative art. By incorporating best practices with innovative designs, we are able to capture amazing results. Girard Media is a leader in creative design delivering professional results since 2008.

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Design Services

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Design Services

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