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designOur digital design agency offers complete services that are designed to keep you up to date with the latest trends and technology. We always preserve a high quality finished product while working within the project budget and timeline. Our goal is to deliver your message to the masses through marketing & advertising. We keep companies fresh online while constantly refining our design agency services to improve message and results. By understanding the importance keeping a high quality image, our design experts work with you to help your business thrive with a solid message that looks and feels amazing.


Branding & Identity

There is much more to choosing the right branding agency that goes way beyond the look and the logo. Your brand is something that must resonate with your message and audience. We construct unique corporate identities that your business will need to build a solid presence. Every brand must include basic elements that are essential to a professional image. Our scientific approach helps to  eliminate common pitfalls when making these key decisions early on. Get started building a strong brand so your first impression is never a bad one.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design agency is created with the intent of presenting a fresh look that stands apart from the herd. We are experienced with developing high quality graphics for virtually any medium including website graphics, advertisements, corporate collateral, and many other uses. As a result, we are able to bring your vision to life with a great look and strong brand messaging. Our ability to complete projects in an industry environment, allows you to have confidence with mission critical graphic designs delivered on time for any purpose.

Web Design

A fresh new website design is often overlooked as the easiest thing to fix with the highest impact. Our streamlined process for developing websites implements our core strategies of keeping best practices and high quality standards in mind. Your web design will look elegant, be easy to navigate, and have an optimized User Experience. We use all of the industry standard tools to deliver the most innovative, high performance, professional web designs available.

Video Production

Our video production services are designed to help you get your message out to the world. As video is the preferred medium of content on the internet, it is becoming more important to have a professionally made video to enhance your brand. Partner with the right video production company to implement your marketing strategy seamlessly into your audience devices. We help you put together the right message, design, and delivery to maximize your production value.

Sound Design

Our experienced sound design team is extremely versatile working in virtually any genre or medium out there. We have experience working in a live sound and studio environment which allows for integrating between the two. Our goal is to seamlessly capture your vision with our musicians, programmers, and engineers who make the sound come alive. With our extensive sound library, professional sound hardware and engineering expertise, you are in good hands.

Photography & Editing

Girard Media offers professional photography and editing services with experience in many different industries. Our goal is to help your business capture that extra element needed to set yourself apart. We can integrate into your current photography workflow or create a new one. We also offer a full range of photo shoot options depending on the location, strategy, and requirements. Our service helps you easily manage your photo workflow and provide amazing backend support for your photography needs including professional photo editing.

Creative Design

Our creative design agency is trained to help spur the imagination and help think outside of the box with your creativity. Our goal is to take your wants, need, and vision to a refined project delivery on a deadline. Our speciality is to bring all of the creative design elements into one place so that the experience is high quality and customized. Our seamless, integrated approach allows for flexible options on various projects.

Drone Footage

Our drone operators are trained to fly and record some amazing footage for many use cases. The production value from adding “The Right” footage to your project makes it a must have to set your video apart from the herd. Our goal is to capture high quality footage with our drone and then edit our raw clips. We then work with these clips in our video production projects to enhance the engagement and view time of your video.


We are ready to meet with you regarding your project goals and requirements. 



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