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Words From Our Founder

Girard Media is designed to help your business thrive in the modern day digital landscape by offering industry leading Design, Web, Marketing, and Advertising Services. Our unique strategies, processes and, workflows, allow us to be ultra competitive and targeted with our efforts. We aim to develop long term partnerships with our clients as their trusted go-to source for everything else you don’t handle in house. Our aim is to deliver the maximum ROI while making it easier for you to acquire new sales.

Founder / CEO

Sevak Girard

Founder / CEO


How does Girard Media go about getting results?



Our team of professional Design, Web, Marketing, and Advertising specialists can help take your business to new heights. Girard Media takes pride in working with a diverse team to deliver amazing Digital Services to our clients all over the world.



We know what measures to take in order to properly execute on your growth plan. We understand the need to find reliable partners that can help drive the results you need to be successful. The plan is to grow together as the business needs grow over time.



The results of any project are the cornerstone of our mindset and strategies. With so many options and ways to accomplish the same task, we know what works the best with our unmatched knowledge and expertise. We know how to move the needle for success!

About Us

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