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Web Design

West Palm Beach Web Designers


Girard Media provides the best in West Palm Beach Web Design. We are local to the area and available to meet your every need from consulting, business solutions and web design. We take pride in delivering a high quality finished product that is relevant and targeted to your audience. Our professional quality and standard allow for the best possible finished product for your vision. Girard Media will help guide you to find the best solution at the best price point for your budget. You are now one step closer to a new web design or a website redesign with our red carpet service. If you are in West Palm Beach and need a beautiful Web Design then contact us today!

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iPhone 6

iPhone 6 makes ease of use a priority


With the increase of smartphone users turning to their phone more than computers, the iPhone has done a great job at making it easy to use.  With the fast advances in technology, Apple always seems to stays at the forefront of innovation. Below are some of the features that iPhone has implemented to make it a breeze to use.

Ease of use on the iPhone:

  • A8 – Fast Processing
  • Control Center
  • Multitasking
  • Lots of Memory
  • Touchscreen
  • Apple Sharing Support
  • Facetime
  • Siri
  • Passbook
  • Apple Pay
  • Camera
  • Apps
  • iCloud
  • Airplay
  • Airdrop
  • Continuity
  • Wifi
  • Retina Display
  • Photo Stream
  • Everything Within Reach
  • Large Community
  • Longer lasting battery life
  • Quicktype
  • Bluetooth
  • Spotlight
Apple Pay

Apple Pay now released for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch


Apple Pay has now been officially released which means this new mobile pay system will be built into Apple devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch. This new payment option can be used in store by tapping the device against the terminal or utilized in itunes and in app purchases by storing credit card details. and can be used at major retailers. Some of the places you can use the system include Whole Foods, Macy’s, McDonald’s and Walgreens. Apps from Target, Groupon and Instacart have already jumped onboard to include Apple Pay as a checkout option. 

Apple is laser focused on the customer experience in the new payment system which is what they do best. Apple could prove to have created an important new revenue source for the company by taking in fees for each credit card stored in it’s system. Apple Pay will also create a new reason for Apple users to stick with Apple products therefore creating better customer retention.  

All iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users can use their thumbs pressed against the phone’s ID fingerprint sensor as they tap the terminal to authenticate the transaction. The system uses NFC, a wireless technology, to transmit payment information which adds a new level of security with ease of payment in the same solution. The new iPhones and the Apple Watch are the first Apple devices to have access to the technology. The credit cards are stored by taking a secured photo of the card or using the one already on file with iTunes or the App store. The phone will not actually store the credit card information for security purposes. Apple has stressed the security will not be an issue due to the wake of the celebrity and retailer breaches and scandals. No matter how easy it is to pay with the new Apply Pay, some customer might hesitate due to the recent iCloud celebrity hacks.

One key difference is that Apple makes it’s own phones and operating system so wireless carriers can’t block them from implementing the system like they did with Google.  Maybe that is why Google has announced their new venture to enter the wireless service industry. The technology will be built into the phones so the only way to stop it is for the wireless service provider to stop selling the iPhone.

Social Media Marketing

Top 10 reasons why you need social media marketing


Online marketing has changed since the beginning of the internet. Our experience it turning more and more personal with the rise of social media. Although it’s hard to see the immediate benefit of maintaining a proper social media network it is becoming more of a necessity for people exploring your message online.

Below are the Top 10 reasons why you need social media marketing:

  1. Many people doing research on companies will start with Google search or social media search. Either way you need to show up in both when they are searching for your company name.
  2. Social media marketing is far more than being cool, getting “likes”, posting wild pictures or anything of the sort.
  3. There are many search engine optimization benefits with having a social media presence that has daily fresh content. 
  4. We are finding more that businesses are placing more of their time into building relationships on social networks so don’t get left behind the curve.  
  5. You give your customers the opportunity to interact with your company on a more personal and regular basis.
  6. Encourage Repeat Business and gain more referrals
  7. Clients and customers are more likely to transact with a business they have liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter.
  8. You can shape the conversation about your company by directing customer complaints and negative interactions to social media instead of indexing them on the search engines.
  9. Multiply your content’s reach with captivating posts that will attract sharing to maximize visibility.
  10. Girard Media will help you build your social media network to reach new customers, encourage past customers and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Let us handle all of your social media marketing

Don’t make the mistake most businesses make in social media. Girard Media can guide assist you so you can focus on only relevant audiences, ensure you are not wasting time and money talking to the wrong people and prevent you from ignoring it completely.

Some of our social media marketing services include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media setup
  • Social channel maintenance and updating
  • Training you on social media best practices
  • Managing your online reputation


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